So what's up with the name? 41.53 N?  That is the latitude of Chicago!  I wanted to come up with something different...be a bit "quirky" and fun (just like the cool places I will be sharing with you here).

Who's that girl?

I am a photographer, a dreamer, a bikram yoga addict and a very curious girl!  I love to explore. I grew up in the South suburbs, went to the University of Illinois, then moved into the city to begin my career. GAH!  It feels like a million years ago! But...my love affair with Chicago has been life long.  My parents took me downtown often as a girl and I was always enthralled with the people, the architecture, the history and the energy.  There is so much that this city offers, it seems endless!  I have lived in many different neighborhoods including: the Gold Coast, the loop, Bucktown, Ukrainian Village and Wicker Park.  If you have not figured it out yet...I absolutely adore this city!  It's where my heart calls home.

So what's the point about this blog?

Four years ago our family moved out West and my heart sank as I said goodbye to "Paris on the Prairie".  We recently moved back home and I am rediscovering all the wonderful things I missed while I was gone (and there are so many new things!!). My quest is to find those "off the beaten path" places and share them with you.  I suppose it's a bit of a photographic journey, and my way to share the love I have for this town.  Being a small business owner is not easy, especially in this economy...so I hope that a bit of exposure helps.  (Ha!  Exposure...get it?  OK, bad photography joke.)

At the end of the day...

I just hope that you come here and explore, enjoy and visit some of these cool little places.  Even if you don't live in Chicago...many of these shops can mail you goodies.  And of course, if you do live in this wonderful city...be sure to check them out!


p.s...if there is a place in Chicago that I must see...please email me at: caroline@nowordzphotography.com